SHE sends 65 girls to school

It's been a busy few months at S H E. Since our incorporation in June, 2017, we've opened our office in Togo, hired 2 full-time employees, and SPONSORED 65 NEW MEMBERS IN THE PROGRAM. And we could not be more excited!


Over the next school year, our girls will be meeting multiple times a week to learn to sew and discuss issues surrounding girls' education. We believe mentoring is key to girls' success in the classroom and beyond, so we are focusing our attention on building quality curriculum and engagement programs. 

We know we couldn't do this work without the amazing sponsors who have supported S H E since day one. Each time someone sponsors a girl, they get to leave her an inspiring message. 

This month's quote comes from Rebecca who has now sponsored 15 girls in the program. 

Dreams are achievable, dream big!