Women's Employment

S H E creates dignified, living wage jobs for women in our sustainable apparel factories.

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Boise, Idaho

Notsé, Togo

Our Paid-to-Learn Model

We're doing more than helping women work in jobs, we're making jobs work for women.

That's why every woman at S H E is guaranteed: 

Salaries above


(not minimum wage)

3-month paid maternity leave

Paid time devoted to adult education

Childcare benefits & flexible scheduling

No more than 40 hour work weeks

Paid sick leave

Pleated Fabric


S H E seamstress since 2020

"What makes my job at S H E so special is that it's a program that doesn't just find projects to grow the workshop, no. On the contrary, it is a program that invests a lot in us as women. S H E is concerned about our financial, moral and social well-being. 

I also like the atmosphere in S H E because when we attend the monthly meetings with our team, we feel that our voice counts. There is a kind of mutual respect and we are seen as the young bosses that we are, not like women from disadvantaged backgrounds who are illiterate or don't know their rights. Most people just think of taking advantage of women like us, but at S H E, we are respected and cared for. Our leaders teach us how to read, and write, how to live in society, they teach us about our rights as women. ⁠

First I learned to read and write, and next, we will be learning how to manage our salaries. Frankly speaking for me, there is no better place than S H E.⁠"⁠

Why We Hire in Togo

Togo, Africa has one of the highest rates of gender inequality in the world.

Only 20% of Togolese women have completed primary school. In Togo alone, this leaves 1.6 million uneducated women who have aged out of the formal education system by 17 years of age.

Seamstress training is one of the most popular careers for uneducated women in Togo. Training is expensive and seamstresses typically work unpaid for 3 years in apprenticeships.

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Seamstress labor is precarious and vulnerable to exploitation. At the S H E factory, we guarantee salaries above living wages and employ through multi-year contracts to provide stability for our talented employees.


Responsible Manufacturing

Notse, Togo, Africa

We opened our responsible clothing factory in Notse, Togo in 2019. We produce all S H E uniforms, menstrual kits and produce custom projects for clients around the world.


We intentionally employ rural seamstresses from low-income and low-education backgrounds. In addition to a guaranteed starting salary above living wage, each seamstress at S H E receives free adult education each morning, and full-time employees are guaranteed paid maternity leave and childcare assistance.


We pride ourselves on responsible labor practices, circular product design, sustainable waste management, and reduced energy use. 

What exactly does "responsible" mean?

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the third largest consumer of water. The industry has been notoriously harsh for female workers who are often underpaid and subjected to unethical working conditions. However, there's been tremendous progress in recent years towards an ethical transformation of the clothing industry.

Clothing manufacturing is an important industry for S H E because it directly impacts some of the poorest women on the planet. Sewing is one of the most common trades for women who cannot read or write. So we're leveraging the vast reach of clothing manufacturing to create a sustainable and scalable platform for responsibly employing and uplifting women around the world.

We think responsible manufacturing is even more than ensuring dignified treatment of all workers - it's designing products and processes to be better for girls, women, and the planet.

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