It's Giving Tuesday!

Annette Elg and the Idaho Gap Fund are matching $16,000 in donations!

Giving Tuesday for S H E

Edwige, Age 15

For me, S H E means joy. When I am at S H E, I forget my worries and focus on time with my new friends and creating our futures.  

Why invest in girls and women?

This year, investing in girls and women became more important than ever. With girls and women being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, the anticipated effects are alarming. According to UNESCO,


11 million girls will not return to school after the pandemic

That's in addition to the 130 million girls who are out of school each year. 


47 million more girls and women will be pushed into poverty

Girls and women are most vulnerable to the negative impacts of a crisis. With millions of women already out of work this year, the poverty rates are only expected to increase.


Without global investment, we risk losing 25 years of progress for women

According to the UN Women Deputy Executive Director, we are at risk of losing an entire generation's worth of progress for girls and women this year. To mitigate the negative impacts of this global crisis, investment in girls and women must be prioritized. 

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