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Serious Sam II [PC-DVD] [Shoot'em Up] Game Download wilkquee




Vol. 47, No. 10 ‎Magazine Not exactly the FPS we were hoping for, although it looks quite nifty and has a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, it's just not as much fun as Serious Sam The Second Encounter. Serious Sam 2 [PC-DVD] [Shoot'em up] game download Vol. 47, No. 9 ‎Magazine Serious Sam 2 Admission: I can't resist a game with four FPS' This has some nice intro's, plenty of load screens, and wonderful repetitive tunes. All the way through I was never scared of the game, I felt it was more like an excuse to jump from one environment to the next. The background story of Serious Sam's war against the aliens is a little vague, but it's not a bad story, and that adds an extra layer to the game. I have to say that the first boss of the game (and therefore the biggest challenge) is interesting. It made me think, it felt like a puzzle and it was very satisfying to be able to conquer the boss with a little bit of skill. The enemy's in the game are very difficult, and they are also in the right places, but that doesn't mean that they look good. They look quite awkward and their design is not as good as other enemies from Serious Sam's other games.The enemies are a little bit easier than those in The Second Encounter. But there are more of them. I must say that the visuals of the game is quite impressive, even the enemies look good, if not a little bit cliche. The bosses and some of the environments are quite big and they look quite neat. One nice thing about this game is that you get to use a tank. However, the tank isn't really much use, it has a lot of health and it shoots only forward. This is something that I would have liked to see in The Second Encounter. Unfortunately, the tank feels a bit floaty and it's hard to control, and it doesn't feel like a tank at all. But I still feel that the tank is very fun, and it adds a lot to the game, just like the huge boss at the end of the game. One thing I would like to see is more weapons and a bit of variety, as I feel that the game was a bit weak in this aspect. I can't even mention all the weapons that are in the game, because I would end up writing a book.




Serious Sam II [PC-DVD] [Shoot'em Up] Game Download wilkquee

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