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Join our community of monthly investors building a world where all girls and women can flourish.

The impact of your investment


Provides a year of education
for 12 girls in Togo

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Employs a seamstress in Togo
year-round at a thriving wage


Educates 60 girls in
Togo each year!

Building the World S H E Deserves.

The S H E Collective is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers who believe all girls and women deserve to flourish, on their own terms. 

Access to education and employment empower girls and women to determine their own futures. And that's what our monthly partners help create for the 1,200 girls and women we serve in Togo, Africa today.

By investing in S H E today, you're becoming a key partner in our mission to serve girls and women worldwide in the future.

once you join the S H E Collective, you'll receive

Welcome gift

When you join the S H E Collective, we'll send you a special welcome gift to thank you for becoming an active part of building a better world for all girls and women.

Quarterly updates

Each quarter, we share stories, provide impact updates, discuss important issues facing girls and women around the world, and continue learning more ways to build a better world for all people, together.

annual virtual gathering

Starting in 2022, we'll be hosting our first virtual event with the amazing

S H E Togo team. You'll get a chance to meet the girls and women that make

 S H E special and see first-hand the uplifting program you're helping build.

We're so glad you're here.

The S H E Collective is made up of generous, passionate, and determined people - like you. They're the changers who believe in a world where all girls and women can do more than survive - they can flourish. And you're going to fit right in. 

“My husband, Ron, and I know how important educating EVERYONE is - we are both convinced that helping women and children pursue education is the single most important way to improve their lives and their communities.

As we watched S H E grow, through providing more education opportunities and especially through providing school uniforms that grow with each girl to remove roadblocks from their path, we decided our support can't be an occasional contribution.

Most recently, learning how S H E has encouraged and enabled local control of the programs, we've become even more dedicated to supporting S H E. We know how important predictable, consistent revenue is for short and long-term planning. That is how we came to be monthly supporters."


— Ron and Ellie Hampton, investors in S H E since 2017

To all of our S H E Collective members who continue to make our work possible - thank you.

Ron and Ellie Hampton - Lesli Pennock - Stacey Targee - Niels Damman - Ashley Fretwell - Tracy Hitchcock - Mara Litushko - Chloie Dale - Allison Mattson - Sarah Nelson - Rowen Fitzgerald - Theron McGriff - Nathan Baldwin - Brooke Ramstad - Victor Schlonga - Tami Miller - Kenton and Nikki Lee - Julie Stevens

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Not ready to invest monthly?

Make a one-time donation to support S H E's programs for girls and women.

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