The Story of S H E

Style Her Empowered (S H E) was created by Payton McGriff during her Senior year of college at the University of Idaho.

After traveling to Togo, Africa to research the challenges girls' face in the developing world, Payton quickly learned that lack of financial means and limited skills training greatly reduce girls' chances of success. 

Recognizing the ability to connect the fashion industry and sewing training to girls' education initiatives around the world, Payton created S H E to empower girls with wage-earning skills and access to education. 


Building an Ethical Fashion Brand

When we set out to help girls gain access to education, we saw an opportunity to create even broader, sustainable impact for women in Togo.

In our efforts to restore the textile and garment production industry in Togo, we are partnering with the U of I Apparel, textiles, and design program to design school uniforms that utilize local, traditional fabrics. 

Over the next few years, S H E will be hiring seamstresses, training them in advanced construction and pattern making, and building our capacity to begin selling uniforms in the U.S., Europe, and throughout Africa. We're committed to long-term development in Togo, so we thoroughly research our partners' business practices to maintain an ethical supply chain that supports local economies.