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Educating girls is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.

Why do we think that girl’s education is a necessity nowadays?

Education, as a first step, equips girls with knowledge, skills, confidence and abilities, thus improving their future prospects. In turn, an educated woman pays more attention to nutrition and has greater access to health care and education of her family members. It should also be noted that educated women play an increased economic role within their families and communities.

Girls with education have greater income potential.

Education also guarantees higher incomes. Every year of education increases a girl's income earning potential by 10 - 20%. Those with a high school education can expect to earn almost twice as much and those with only a primary school education. Education also increases their potential tenfold. In a study carried out in 54 countries, women with a secondary education are more likely to control household resources, they will not be victims of domestic violence or early marriage.

Girls' education reduces childhood marriage.

Investing in girl’s education also helps to push back the age at which girls marry and have children. If high school education were achieved globally, it could help to virtually eliminate child marriage.

If high school education were achieved globally, it could help to virtually eliminate child marriage.

Nowadays, everything proves that educating a girl is no longer a choice but a necessity. To educate a girl is to give her the keys to change the world. An educated girl has a more open mind to deal with current realities. At SHE, we firmly believe that investing in girls' education helps liberate them so they can achieve their dreams, turn the impossible into possible and change our world that is going so badly.

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