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Washing Dishes


S H E is a grassroots, female-founded, and female-led organization working in Togo, Africa. Originally founded in 2017 as a class project, we have evolved into an international organization serving 1,500 girls annually and employing 33 amazing women across 21 rural communities in Togo. 

Our Mission

S H E creates sustainable education and employment opportunities for girls and women around the world

Our Vision

We envision a world where every girl and woman can do more than survive, she can flourish.


Our promise


To equip and empower people in all we do.


To create a global community that's uplifting and empowering.


To share the truth of our journey - the successes, the failures and the progress in the middle.


To convey the stories of the girls and women we serve with dignity and respect and to never exploit their circumstances.


To get out of the way.

We are a launch pad for our girls to determine their own future. We provide the resources and support our communities need, and they decide the rest. 

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