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Our paid-to-learn employment model

We create dignified jobs for women from low-income and low-education backgrounds. In our Paid-to-Learn Employment Program, all 33 of the women we employ in Togo are guaranteed:

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Salaries above living wage (Our average seamstress salary is 75% higher than Togo's minimum wage)

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3 month paid maternity leave (at full 100% pay)

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Paid time devoted to adult education (10% of our work week is dedicated to adult learning programs)

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Free Child Care

3 month paid maternity leave icon

Unlimited paid sick leave, social security benefits, national health care and retirement enrollment

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No more than 40 hour work weeks

Collaborate with S H E

Our talented seamstresses design and ethically manufacture custom products in Togo for businesses around the world.


Have a design you'd like us to manufacture or an product you'd like our designers to create for your business?

Custom Designed Print

Made in Togo

Hand-dyed Batik

Zero-waste Production

Before working at S H E

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of our seamstresses had never been to school

of our seamstresses had official documentation for formal employment

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were enrolled in national social security, retirement, or health care benefits

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had bank accounts or personal savings accounts

had ever received a formal paycheck for their work

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children of S H E employees weren't enrolled in school due to lack of financial means

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“What makes my job at S H E so special is that they invest in us a lot in women. This program is concerned with our financial, moral, and social well-being.

There's no better place than

S H E for me.”

- Akouto, S H E Seamstress in Notsé


"I would like to tell you about all of the benefits I've received from this company. Make no mistake, S H E is creating real change in our lives."

— Amonon, Co-lead Seamstress of S H E Togo

Why We employ women in Togo

Togo, Africa has one of the highest rates of gender inequality in the world.

Only 20% of Togolese women have completed primary school. In Togo alone, this leaves 1.6 million women without an education.

Seamstress training is one of the most popular careers for women in Togo, yet there are no formal job opportunities to support them. 

Seamstress labor is too-often exploited. Our seamstresses report delayed payments, refusal to pay, and lack of business owner protections before coming to S H E. 

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