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Girls' Education

Did you know... 130 million girls are not in school around the world. Poverty remains the largest barrier to education for girls around the world.


At S H E, we remove the financial and social barriers to education for girls in rural Togo, Africa. In our 6 years of operation, we've provided over 6,000 education sponsorships to girls living in 21 rural communities across Togo. Last year, 99.2% of our students passed their classes and National exams. 

It starts with a school uniform... That grows

Notsé, Togo, West Africa

Our program launched in 2017 in Notse, Togo, Africa, a country where girls spend an average of just 2 - 3 years in school, and just 33% of girls go to junior high school. 

A required school uniform is the largest financial barrier keeping girls out of school in Togo and in many countries around the world.


To address this problem, S H E designed the world's only school uniform that grows so girls can wear their uniforms confidently for up to 3 years! Every girl receives a new school uniform as part of her sponsorship at S H E.

What every girl at S H E receives

Our holistic girls' education program serves 1,500 girls annually in kindergarten through high school.  Each year, every girl at S H E receives:

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

S H E uniform that grows

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

year-round tutoring from our local team

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

full-tuition scholarship

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

reusable menstrual health kit

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

1 year's worth of school supplies

Screenshot 2023-04-03 145442.png

durable, waterproof backpack

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Where we work

Togo, Africa

Togo is a beautiful country known for its rich cultural history and entrepreneurial women. However, Togo is also one of the lowest ranking countries in the world for gender equality and human development. 

The average education level for girls in rural Togo is just 2 - 3 years, with only 33% of girls advancing to junior high school. 

Poverty remains the largest barrier to education for students in Togo. With roughly 69% of rural Togo living on less than $1.90 per day, poverty disproportionately affects girls living in rural communities. 

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JOIN the $5 Friend Club

For just $5 a month, you can sponsor a girl's entire k-12 education in Togo, Africa.

Our impact at a glance

In 2022, our hardworking students achieved the highest success rate in program history. 1,499 out of our 1,500 girls passed their classes and national exams. That's nearly 40% higher than the national average in Togo. 

Screenshot 2023-04-03 151711.png

1,500 girls sponsored in 2022 
(4,595 since 2017)

Screenshot 2023-04-03 151711.png

99.9% student pass rate (40% higher than national average)

Screenshot 2023-04-03 151711.png

21 rural communities served (98% of students live in rural villages)

Beautiful Nature

Elolo's story

Elolo was the first girl sponsored by S H E in 2017. At the time, she was supposed to be starting her first year of high school, but her parents could no longer afford her education. 

Watch Elolo's incredible story of overcoming adversity and creating opportunity for thousands of girls in her own community.

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