Girls' Education

Educating girls is the key to breaking systems of poverty and inequality.

Yet, 130 million girls are not in school around the world, with a majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

How we help girls get their education

After-School Program

Notsé, Togo, West Africa

S H E sponsors 180 girls in Notse each year. Each girl receives a new school uniform, full-tuition scholarship, menstrual products for the year, and school supplies.

We also provide year-round skills training, mentoring, health education, and support to help girls build agency and gain confidence to determine their own futures. 

School Uniform Distribution

West Africa

Providing school uniforms is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase attendance, retention, and performance among girls in developing countries.


We responsibly employ local seamstresses to make our patent-pending S H E school uniforms that grow 6 sizes. Each year, we provide hundreds of school uniforms to girls in need.

Menstrual Supplies

West Africa

In Togo, and many countries around the world, the majority of girls drop out of school when they get their first period. Why? The don't have menstrual supplies. 

Each year, we distribute hundreds of our unique reusable menstrual pads and provide menstrual health education for girls and women around Togo. 

Over the last year, our incredible partners at Saalt provided 100 menstrual cups to our program. When it comes to sustainable period care, choice matters. And our partners at Saalt are ensuring that girls have sustainable, safe period care options. 

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