Girls' Education

Educating girls is the key to breaking systems of poverty and inequality.

Yet, 130 million girls are not in school around the world, with a majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

How S H E helps girls get their education

It started with a school uniform

Notsé, Togo, West Africa

Our program launched in 2017 in Notse, Togo, Africa, a place where girls spend an average of just 2 - 3 years in school. 

We learned that the cost of a required school uniform was the largest barrier keeping girls out of school, but providing school uniforms was the second most cost-effective way to keep girls in school. 

Our first year, we started by providing locally-made uniforms to 65 girls in Togo so they could attend school. 

how our girls' education programs have grown

What started with school uniforms has evolved into a holistic girls' education program serving 1,180 girls annually in kindergarten through high school.  Every girl now receives:

S H E uniform that grows

full-tuition scholarship

school supplies

Reusable menstrual supplies

skills training and tutoring

year-round support from our local team

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Notsé, Togo

Est. 2017

  • 1,595 sponsorships provided