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S H E design and responsibly manufacture products that are better for girls, women, and the planet.


Our innovative products


The S H E dress

Our signature dress is the world's only school uniform that grows 6 sizes and up to 12" in length so girls can attend school for years without fear of outgrowing their required school uniforms.


reusable menstrual pads

We recycle 100% of fabric waste from our factories into our unique reusable menstrual pads. In 2021, S H E produced over 5,000 reusable menstrual pads for girls in Togo.


recycled plastic backpacks

*NEW* in 2022. We collect single use plastic bags (just like the ones you get at the grocery store) and fuse it together to make durable, beautiful backpacks for our girls.

S H E uniforms

the story behind the dress

Just months after giving school uniforms to the first girls in our program, we ran into a problem: girls were outgrowing their school uniforms multiple times each school year and couldn't afford replacements.


Together with our students, we designed a solution: a dress that grows six sizes and up to a foot in length. The dresses are designed to grow with a girl over 3 years, and they adjust in the areas where a girls' body changes most to create a tailored fit for every body type at every stage of growth.



Creating proud periods

Our menstrual pads


Period poverty prevents millions of girls from attending school each month. In Togo, less than half of girls make enroll in high school, and many leave school when they have their first periods. 

We shred and recycle 100% of our fabric scraps in our factories into our reusable menstrual pads. Much like our school uniforms, our pads have gone through years of wear-testing and redesigning to create the S H E pads our students know and love today!


We're now on a mission to make periods healthy and more sustainable.  We hope you'll join us. 


What our Girls Are Saying

Afi, Age 9

I feel happy to wear my

S H E uniform to school because everyone knows I am a girl of S H E. And that means I am a girl who is successful. 


What goes in to every uniform

We think it's important that you know exactly where your $25 S H E uniform purchase goes:



Fabric, thread, and materials



Fair wages and adult literacy programs for seamstresses in Togo



Distribution to girls. We currently partner with 17 rural villages in Togo



Ongoing assessment in communities where uniforms are distributed



Fabric shredding and recycling into reusable 

menstrual pads



Continued product development



Fulfilment of mission: education and employment for women


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