Our Circular Products

Our Circular Products

We design and responsibly manufacture products that are better for girls, women, and the planet.


The S H E School Uniform

Reusable Menstrual Kits


School Uniforms


The Patent-Pending Design

Girls were outgrowing their school uniforms multiple times each school year, so we designed a solution: 

a dress that grows six sizes and up to a foot in length.

We spent 18 months wear-testing and redesigning this dress to ensure it's something our students feel dignified and confident wearing. After several failed attempts, we finally created a design that received 100% approval from our girls over their previous uniforms.


What Girls Are Saying

Afi, Age 9

I feel happy to wear my

S H E uniform to school because everyone knows I am a girl of S H E. And that means I am a girl who is successful. 


$20 USD

Gives a girl in need a new school uniform



Fabric, thread, and materials



Fair wages and adult literacy programs for seamstresses in Togo



Distribution to girls in underserved areas of sub-Saharan Africa



Ongoing assessment in communities where uniforms are distributed



Capacity building: training and equipment for women



Fabric shredding and recycling into reusable 

menstrual pads



Continued product development



Fulfilment of mission: education and employment for women


S H E Uniforms are Zero-Waste

We shred excess fabric and make reusable sanitary pads for girls. Period poverty is another barrier for girls in developing countries, and reusable menstrual kits help girls continue their educations past puberty while reducing the impact on the environment.


Menstrual Kits

Period poverty is a huge barrier for girls around the world. In Togo, more than half of girls drop out before high-school when they have their first period.


We're on a mission to make periods proud and sustainable. We've designed reusable menstrual pads made from 100% recycled fabric from our factory.

Our promise is to make products better for girls, for women, and for the planet.

Creating proud periods.


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