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We make sustainable products that are better for girls, women, and the planet. 


The S H E school uniform

Our signature dress is the world's only school uniform that grows 6 sizes and up to 12" in length so girls can attend school for years without fear of outgrowing their required school uniforms.


reusable menstrual pads

We recycle 100% of fabric waste from our factories into our unique reusable menstrual pads. In 2021, S H E produced over 5,000 reusable menstrual pads for girls in Togo.


recycled plastic backpacks

*NEW* in 2022. We collect single use plastic bags (just like the ones you get at the grocery store) and fuse them together to make durable, waterproof backpacks for our girls.

Our impact at a glance

Swaha Pitch.png

10,000+ menstrual pads distributed to girls and women across rural Togo

Swaha Pitch.png

7,000 pounds of fabric diverted from waste stream in our recycling program

250+ pounds of single-use plastic bags recycled into student backpacks in 2022

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22,975 school uniforms replaced. Each S H E uniform grows 6 sizes, replacing the need for 5 additional uniforms

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S H E uniforms

The dress that grows

Just months after giving school uniforms to the first girls in our program, we ran into a problem: girls were outgrowing their school uniforms multiple times each school year and couldn't afford replacements.


Together with our students, we designed a solution: a dress that grows six sizes and up to a foot in length. The dresses are designed to grow with a girl over 3 years, and they adjust in the areas where a girls' body changes most to create a tailored fit for every body type at every stage of growth.


Our menstrual pads


Period poverty prevents millions of girls from attending school each month. In Togo, only 35% of girls continue their education beyond elementary school, with many dropping out of school when they reach puberty. 

We shred and recycle 100% of our fabric scraps in our factories into our reusable menstrual pads. Much like our school uniforms, our pads have gone through years of wear-testing and redesigning to create the S H E pads our students know and love today!

What our students Are Saying


Afi, Age 8

Because I have a S H E uniform, I can go to school every day.  My dream is that some day I will be able to start a business to help support my family. 

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