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Creators of the S H E uniform

The world's only school uniform that grows 6 sizes and up to 1 foot in length. Designed to help girls confidently stay in school.

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Made by amazing women

100% of S H E products are made by women in the communities we serve. We create living-wage jobs at our sustainable apparel factory and in small cooperatives in rural Togo, Africa.
Our women are guaranteed salaries above living wage (not minimum wage), unlimited sick leave, paid time for adult education, and other thoughtfully curated benefits that empower women from all backgrounds to thrive in the workplace.  

recycling fabric  into reusable menstrual pads

We recycle 100% of the fabric waste in our factories into reusable menstrual pads for girls in need. Our pads are designed to provide 2 years of safe, sustainable menstrual care.

Every S H E menstrual kit includes:

  • 6 small pads

  • 4 large pads

  • menstrual health guide

  • 2 bars of soap

  • reusable, waterproof carry-all bag

S H E  Persists.

Until every girl and woman can flourish,

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girls in school in Togo, Africa this year

average success rate for students over the three years of our program

women employed year-round above living wage in Togo, Africa

the incredible girls and women of S H E



S H E student since 2019

"My favorite thing about S H E is that I know I am supported unconditionally. I feel supported by my sisters and my friends at S H E, and I'm happy when I'm here. This year, I'm challenging myself to get better at reading and writing." 

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