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Creators of the S H E uniform

The world's only school uniform that grows 6 sizes and up to 1 foot in length. Designed to help girls confidently stay in school.

Our mission

Creating sustainable education and employment opportunities for girls and women around the world.

Girls' Education
Women's Employment
Our holistic approach

Our work focuses on eliminating the three main barriers that prevent girls and women from flourishing long-term:

1. limited access to education, 2. lack of formal employment for women, and 3. climate change.


With our holistic approach to empowerment, we're building a circular and self-sustained model that is better for girls, women, and the planet. 

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Girls' Education

We increase access to high quality, well-rounded education that builds girls' self-reliance

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Women's employment

We create safe, reliable, and dignified jobs for women from low-income and low-education backgrounds

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We make sustainable products that are better for girls, women, and the planet. We're best known for our S H E uniforms that grow and our reusable menstrual pads.

S H E  Persists.

Until every girl and woman can flourish,

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girls in school in Togo, Africa this year

pass rate of S H E students in 2023.

women employed year-round above living wage in Togo, Africa

the incredible girls and women of S H E



S H E student since 2019

"My favorite thing about S H E is that I know I am supported unconditionally. I feel supported by my sisters and my friends at S H E, and I'm happy when I'm here. This year, I'm challenging myself to get better at reading and writing." 

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