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Creators of the S H E uniform

The world's only school uniform that grows 6 sizes and up to 1 foot in length. Designed to help girls confidently stay in school.

girls' education

On October 11, 2022, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. To commemorate our 5 incredible years, our students shared their incredible stories. 

Women's Employment

Our seamstresses and Togo team are at the core of all we do at S H E. Meet some of the amazing women we serve and learn about the paid-to-learn program we've built together.

S H E  Persists.

Until every girl and woman can flourish,

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girls in school in Togo, Africa this year

pass rate of S H E students in 2022. That's nearly 40% than the average pass rate for girls in rural Togo.

women employed year-round above living wage in Togo, Africa

the incredible girls and women of S H E



S H E student since 2019

"My favorite thing about S H E is that I know I am supported unconditionally. I feel supported by my sisters and my friends at S H E, and I'm happy when I'm here. This year, I'm challenging myself to get better at reading and writing." 

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