We'd like you to meet the purposeful companies that help make our mission possible. 

Our Incredible Partners in Purpose

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Anna Schimmel

Anna Schimmel, an award-winning wedding gown designer, is partnering with purpose all the way from Auckland, New Zealand.


For every gown sold, Anna sponsors a girl in our program. Anna's long-standing partnership has made our work possible since the very beginning of our journey!

Anna's 2019 sponsored students

Anna Shimmel_NObridal_logo_stack_BW.jpg

We Want to Partner with You

We form meaningful relationships with our partners to create high-impact collaborations. Our partnerships are tailored to each company we work with, and we ensure you know exactly how your support is creating impact at S H E.

Interested in collaborating with us? 

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Make Each Month Matter.

Our S H E Collective Members give monthly to create lasting change for girls and women around the world. Together, we're building a world where girls and women can do more than survive, they can flourish. 

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