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Women's History Month

It's the first day of March, which means it's the start of Women's History Month!

You might be asking, what is Women's History month? It's a month dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and highlighting the incredible contributions of women, not just in the US, but around the world. At S H E, we think women should be celebrated every day of the year, but we are extra motivated to celebrate throughout the month of March!

This year, we are celebrating by launching an exciting new collaboration with our newest partner, bobo design studio! Bobo is an inspiring woman-owned business created by talented artist and our friend, Angie Chua. She's known for her travel and wanderlust inspired journals, stationery and accessories, and when we heard bobo design studio was creating new products this year, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate!

Together, we created a new collection of handkerchiefs with handcrafted, block-printed designs sold exclusively through bobo design studio's website. We are launching this collection in two styles - a traditional handkerchief, and a modern, rustic take on a neck wrap that Angie's dubbed the "scarflette."

The story behind the artwork

The design features Angie's interpretation of the moon and all her glory. Why the moon? Well, the moon, she sits in distant skies and impacts our lives in ways we can't even comprehend. She powers our oceans, lights up our skies, helps us find our way, and can even tell time. She waxes and wanes and has different phases, yet is always whole. She's always there, with a bold and complete presence, even if you can only see part of her.

In celebration of Women's Month, Angie wanted to create a design that embodies the power, strength, and grace of women -- things we share in common with the moon. She incorporated her unique take on the phases of the moon to represent the seasons of change women go through. Nestled inside is a pattern of triangles, the strongest geometric shape. They are capable of holding their shape under immense pressure. If that doesn't represent the wonder of a woman, we don't know what does.

How this collaboration supports S H E

S H E is incredibly lucky to work with Angie and bobo design studio. In developing this partnership, we realized we were working with one of the rare companies who can make partnerships mutually beneficial and incredibly impactful. The bobo collaboration is not only creating living-wage jobs for our seamstresses in Idaho who make the beautiful products in this line, but on top of that, bobo design studio is also donating 25% of proceeds (YES 25%!) to S H E to support our global education and employment efforts for girls and women.

How to support this collaboration

The new bobo x S H E collection will be launching presales on March 8th (which happens to also be International Women's Day!) Follow along on our S H E channels, follow our friends at bobo design studio, subscribe to their newsletter, and set your alarms for March 8th!


Angie Chua
Angie Chua

I love this so much and I'm so excited to share in this journey with you to celebrate and honor women! Keep doing amazing things! ❤️

xoxo Angie

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