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New data released on Women's Leadership in Togo

Recently, the S H E community has shared some exciting gender data in Togo.

Togolese women are highly regarded for their entrepreneurial spirit throughout Africa. And despite real, ongoing adversity faced by girls and women in the country, Togolese women are continuing to show their leadership on a global scale.

In a recent study published by Statista, Togo ranked highest for share of managers who are female. In other words, out of all countries studied, a woman is most likely to be your boss in Togo.

In addition, in an annual survey conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) of 140,000 entrepreneurs across the globe, the following insight showed that Togo is one of only 6 economies out of 43 surveyed where early-stage entrepreneurial activity rates for women are at least as high as those for men, “according to this GEM evidence, one in five women, or more, are starting or running a new business in each of the six Latin America & Caribbean economies, as well as in Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Togo and Angola.”


This evidence is a testament to the incredible tenacity and contributions of Togolese women, and we hope that continued studies will continue to show the high returns of making markets more accessible to women.

As we continue to advocate for improved gender-policies and gender investments across the globe, we'll continue to push for larger investments in evidence-based approaches that help women thrive in the workplace and beyond. Childcare, adult education programs, and flexible leave policies are among the many approaches that make jobs work for women, not just the other way around.

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